Project Log # 4

 There is only two of us left on the team, which left us with a lot of work to do. Needless to say we were very busy. I am so grateful that Justin, my remaining teammate, came through extremely strong this week. He did helped with the editing and built out the content for several portions of the paper. Having a strong teammate, made a difficult situation easier.

My efforts this week revolved around updating the design of the document based on feedback that we had received from Professor Moore. I revised and updated the Introduction, further drafted the content for the Research Plan. Both Justin and I proofed each other’s work throughout this process. This process worked out extremely well.

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Project Log 2 – Week 3: First Draft

I have to say this week was extremely challenging. We are having a difficult time coming together as a team.  We had two members who did absolutely nothing for this week’s project, which was very disappointing. At this point I am not sure if the two other students are still in class or not, but I am forging ahead to complete this assignment.

Here are my contributions for the week:

1) Created log of tasks for each of us to follow so that we can meet the deadline

2) Designed the layout/look of the draft

3) Conducted research and forwarded pertinent information to the team

4) Wrote out the every section of the draft minus the Recommendation.

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I’m about sick of the theatrics in American politics. Last week the country was in an uproar because our President did not demonstrate enough anger at BP. Today, I watched the CEO of BP get “grilled” by Congress. Really? Is this what it has come to? Exactly, at what point did we lose sight of substance? When did this extreme theatrical staging take over politics? Look, I don’t need my President to show anger. I need him to do a job, in a cool, calm, collected, savvy and adult manner. This is not a 4th grade school fight. I don’t need my representatives in Congress to prepares endelss statements to present to the CEO of BP for soundbite foder for the news media to use. What I need is for Congress to do its job, in a cool, calm, collected, savvy and adult manner. Hold BP accountable? YES!!! Hold MMS accountable? YES!!!! What does accountability mean to me? Certainly not theatrical lectures, but a clearly laid out plan that addresses 1) how this oil spill will be contained 2) how the people in the Gulf will be taken care of 3) and what will be done to prevent this disaster from happening again….whether it is on oil rig or a nuclear power plant.  Governement needs to govern and regulate! Please everyone stop putting on a show…please, people stop demanding theatrics. We need actual leaders, not more people who act like leaders. Stop the theatrics, give me substance.

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Project Log 1

General Observations

So I must say, I am getting a bit nervous. As an Instructional Designer, I am tasked with managing projects with diverse groups  every day.  I’ve also taken primarily online courses over the past year and have worked with teams in the virtual academic setting. Other than some usual team forming issues, I have not had any problems. But this time, it just feels different.  I’m not sure exactly what the cause of my heartburn is, other than me realizing that this is a short summer session and everyday counts.  The team protocol memo was a good excercise and it will prove fruitful if all members of team adhere to the rules. 

I feel that our team is coming together.  We had a couple of little snags in the beginning, but things should have settled down now. Initially,  I was under the impression that a student by the name of Robert was on our team and I was super anxious for him to review the memo and to make sure that he understood all the rules. Everyone else on the team had replied with consent, expect for Robert.  I later  found out that he Robert  had dropped out of the class. It appears that the same occurred with a student by the name of Andrew.

As far as my contributions go, I wrote the team protocol memo and sent it to all to review on the 10th of June. I wanted to make sure that we would not fall behind. Justin, Michael and Donald reviewed the memo and provided their consent.  I have also taken on the role of Team Coordinator. This is usually a role that comes pretty natural to me. I am detailed by nature. I have been sending emails with deadlines reminders and questions to get the discussion going to the team.


I really do not like the look and feel of the new Blackboard. I do not think that this is user-friendly. Ideally I would find all of the information that I need to complete the course in one central place, instead of a course website for information and Blackboard for communication. In addition, some functionalities are difficult to find. For example, since last night I can no longer find the “create a thread” option.  It will take some time to get used to the new Blackboard.

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Hello world!

Hi Everyone,

I have set up my blog and am posting my first comment.


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